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About Us

About Us

Mabuda has been a part of the family since the 1930’s when Carl Todd (Helen’s grandfather) bought the farm.  Jonathan and Helen Pons took over ownership in 1997 and have since remained committed to the people of Eswatini.   

Jonathan's primary calling has been to the Good Shepherd Mission Hospital in Siteki where he works as an Ophthalmologist.  He heads an ambitious project in Eswatini that fights blindness, with nearly 1000 blind people having their vision restored each year. 

Helen manages the Guest Farm and farm administration. They are both active Christians and are involved in many community projects. Their four children spent their primary school years on the farm and are now young adults with similar passions to their parents.



  • Nutrition for the people of the Lubombo’s, by farming in a sustainable and low-carbon
    manner and by producing high-quality foods.


  • The people of the Lubombo’s by improving livelihood and skills, offering discipleship
    and by empowering others such as NGO’s to do more.


  • The Lubombo biodiversity and landscape, by research, advocacy, and farm practices that preserve,
    and by working in a collaborative manner with communities and the local Conservancy.