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About Us

About Us

Jonathan and Helen Pons have been committed to Swaziland since 1997. Jonathan's primary calling has been to the Good Shepherd Mission Hospital in Siteki where he works as an Opthalmologist. He heads an ambitious project in Swaziland that fights blindness. At Good Shepherd Hospital, nearly 1000 blind people receive their sight each year!

Helen manages the B&B as well as farm administration. Jonathan and Helen are both active Christians and are involved in many community projects. Their four children spent their primary school years on the farm and are now being educated in South Africa.

The family ownership of the farm goes back to the 1930's when Carl Todd (Helen's grandfather) bought the farm. Since Siteki was a regional government centre at an altitude above the malaria zone, it once attracted many farmers and colonial administrators. The town has seen its fortunes decline since the colonial days but is still home to 20 000 people, a wonderful climate and still malaria free!

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